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Wood Club Rules and Regulations

Community Builds

Wood shop Wednesdays General rules

Always Wear Safety Equipment

Dust masks and eye protection must be worn in woodshop at all times

Ear protection is highly recommended. NO MUSIC HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS

Wear Appropriate Clothing

No loose clothing. Keep hair pulled back. No open toed shoes

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

No drugs or alcohol while in the shop

Disconnect Power BEFORE changing blades

Turning on a tool on while changing blades DOES happen.

Use Sharp Blades and Bits

Dull bits or blades are dangerous when forced to cut

Always Check for Nails, Screws, and Other Metal

Metal not only damages blades and bit but can cause bodily harm

Always Work Against the Cutter

Cutting blades are designed to cut the opposite way they are rotating

Never Reach Over a Blade to Remove Cut-Offs

Reaching over any spinning put you in serious danger

Avoid Distractions

Never lose eye contact with your work when using tools. Even for a millisecond.

No dust making machines in assembly room

Assembly room is not the woodshop. Make a mess in there

Use push sticks / fences and mitre gauges

Keep your fingers away from the blades. Let them cut wood instead

Follow machine safety and operation instructions

Don’t know? Ask. Never use a tool for anything it is not intended for.

Report damaged or missing tools

We know tools break and get lost. Let us know so we can keep the shop in working order.

No tool lending

This is not a tool lending library. Keep tools in the woodworking area for everyone

Limit your tool time

Don’t hoard tool time. When shop is full limit single tool  use to 30 minutes. Give everyone a chance

No open door policy

If your friends are not a part of a wood shop organization they cannot come in and help. They may sign up to join and go through orientation course

This is not your place of business

No commercial production in the woodshop

No storage

We have limited space. Keep your name, phone number and date on your projects. Update the information as you work on them. Anything not updated will become the communities property to use as needed after 1 month for members or 5 days after membership expires

Keep floors clear

 of debris, cords and tools. Clean as you work.


Clean your workspace. Clean your neighbors work space.

Put your work in storage area

Put the tools back where you found them.

Dust off all hand and power tools before returning to cabinet

Dust off all work tables and stationary power tools

Sweep the floors in both the woodshop and assembly space. If you’re really nice sweep beyond these areas as well

Unplug the compressor

Lock the tool cabinets

Life rule: Always leave things better than you found them

Have fun and be safe

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