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ReFab Lab AB was founded in 2020 by Kevin Keul and Lili Smith. Together they facilitate a creative space, ReFab Lab, hosting woodworking and creative workshops open to the public, a member based woodworking club and the non-profit, Community Builds.

All activities in ReFab Lab are focused on creative habits to enable shifts in mind set from buying new to using DIY and salvaged materials to make more sustainable choices.


ReFab Lab AB explores innovative education and knowledge sharing

through workshops, special projects

and strategic partnerships.

Our activities include teaching creative woodworking and crafts, wood club, designing and re-finishing furniture and salvaging used materials for re-sale 

With circular practices of material conservation and re-use at our core, our activities are driven by our values of environmental responsibility, inclusion and collaboration. 

"Kevin is running a great workshop, I can totally recommend. Thanks for all the knowledge and ideas shared! Thumbs up for your patience, guidance and good mood at all times-"


"Great time with great people! I learn a lot, and I had the satisfaction to restore myself high personal value furniture

I genuinely appreciate the warm welcome of Kevin, his tips, solution and tools formation !

Many thanks Kevin for event"-


"Thanks for all the tips and tricks. I learned a lot in a short period of time, got to try out several new or almost new tools. Kevin always had time to teach me how to use them. I could go to him if I had a question, and he was good at regularly going round himself and checking up on how everyone was doing. Challenged me to figure out ways to solve a problem by myself, and also suggested solutions and pepped if I was stuck. Taught the importance of not being afraid of making mistakes, and if you do make mistakes to learn from them-"


"If you're looking for a step by step guide to woodworking, Kevin is the right person to give you that! He went through all the essential machines that make your life easier when working with wood and provides enough time to get familiar with them. He puts a big focus on safety which makes his classes accessible for everyone. He gives advice on how to approach a project from the beginning to the end. My expectations were definitely met and the class gave me enough motivation to continue with woodworking in the future. Very recommended-"


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