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Our wood club offers 2 sessions a week for a total of 36 shop working hours per month.  The club aims to allow more access to the woodshop with supervised attention by a woodshop specialist.


You will have access to hand tools, table saws, drill presses, sanders, band saws and much more. In addition to the standard shop tools normally open for use to the general public we are acquiring a select group of club member only power tools.


Community Builds is is a ideell förening (non-profit), and all proceeds are used to cover the shop expenses.

Membership is 750 sek / month with discounts for bulk payments and legacy membership status.

Apply to join the Wood Club
What is your age?
How much woodshop experience do you have?

You will be re-directed to this page after creating a log in and password for the site.  We will be in touch once we review your application! 

                 Community Builds Wood Club offers you:

  • 36  hours per month bookable shop time with professional oversight.

  • Access to tools maintained by club administrators

  • Access to cargo bike

  • Access to wholesale lumber accounts

  • Discounts on woodworking classes

  • Yearly member show

  • Knowledge sharing and gaining

  • Special member nights to show and teach techniques

  • Access to a community that is encouraged to share knowledge about everything wood! 

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