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Food2Change: Helping a worthy cause!

Food2change is a non-profit association  for people who, together with good traders, get their food waste from the grocery store.- Food2Change website

Food2Change is a non-profit run by volunteers that help feed people by saving food that is good for consumption but destined to be thrown away. They set up each week in various participating grocery stores in Malmo. Food2Change approached us for help with their signage. Up until now they were dragging all of the supplies and large signs from storage.

There had to be a better way!

We jumped on the opportunity without hesitation and collaborated together to design integrated mobile signage and storage units. We decided to cut the existing signs in half and make them the foldable. Each sign collapses onto mobile units with removeable sleeves in the back to access their supplies. We were happy to donate our time and built all of them from donated up-cycled materials. Truly a worthy cause.


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