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ReFab Lab Creative Woodworking February News

Learn more about our wood club, creative woodworking courses, carpentry commissions, Sportlov events and Southern Sweden Design Days

ReFab Lab AB fosters creative habits to enable shifts in mind set from buying new to using DIY and salvaged materials to make more sustainable choices.

We explore the possibilities of material re-use and knowledge sharing through creative woodworking courses, a member based wood club, creative workshops, carpentry commissions and strategic partnerships.

Curious how to become a member of our

Malmö Wood Club?

We offer a few pathways to join our woodworking club and it depends on your experience

1. No experience in wood shop

  • Attend course - A , B and C

2. Some experience in wood shop: you can safely use the chop saw / table saw / drill press

  • Attend course - B and C

3. Experienced in wood shop: you have comprehensive knowledge of tool safety and operations

  • Attend course - C

Upcoming courses

We have new woodworking courses scheduled for Feb. and March

Woodcraft A - After this class you will understand the fundamental skills needed to build simple projects such as boxes and small tables.

New A courses start Feb 3 (sold out) and Feb 26

Woodcraft B - After this class you will know how to design and build projects from benches to bookcases.

New B course starts Feb 12 (sold out) and March 11

Woodcraft C - Build your personal project with professional assistance from start to finish. After this class you will have all the fundamentals to build independently. You are also eligible for the wood club or to join additional C courses if needed.

New C course starts March 3

Free creative workshop for kids during Sportlov!

Choose single, multiple or all five days

Children aged 8-11 will are welcome to explore the creative use of found objects and material repurposing through daily wood craft activities. The blend of fun and educational elements in teaching children about the significance of material reuse makes this an enriching opportunity.

Week 8 / Feb 19-23

12:00 - 15:00 daily

We accept commissions

We offer carpentry services for your custom furniture and cabinet projects.

We are participating in Southern Sweden Design days!

We have an open call for designers to apply for shop access and exhibition space

at ReFab Lab.

Southern Sweden Design Days

We will offer our wood workshop for free for one

month to selected designers and artists,

culminating in an exhibition of the work

produced during this time.

The focus will be on re-use of materials through

creative woodworking.


ReFab Lab AB

Newsletter Jan-Feb 2024


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